Adria 'Adriia18' Diaz Dalmau completes 24-hour Spin & Go Challenge

The Spanish professional player set an ambitious goal, to play $100 Spin and Go's for 24 out of 25 hours with at least 3% evROI.

Adria smashed the challenge huge, as he ended with en evROI of 12.39%, which amounted to $4,708 in EV Profit during 380 games.
Despite the great results in the expected value, Adriia18 ended with an actual loss of $1,600 - proving that the format of the popular game is extremely affected by variance short term.

The winner-tweet

This was his second Spin and Go challenge, as he successfully completed a €50 challenge last year, where he achieved an evROI of 4.24% and Ev Profit of $1,140 - with losing $635.88 in reality. However, as he stated in an earlier interview, the games can be pretty good in the long term, as "They are fast and very attractive for the recreational players. The field is great so it becomes a very profitable game for regulars."

Considering his long-term graph, he certainly knows what he talks about.

Adria's long-term results

Many people still avoid these games, thanks to their "lottery" aspect, which creates huge swings and mental breakdowns for many players.