Astronomical stakes at GGPoker

The cash game regulars took high-stakes PLO to an entirely different level!

GGPoker has been the home of the biggest online poker games for a long time now, but some players recently increased the already huge stakes.

The name of the game was Pot-limit Omaha, and the original blinds were $500/$1,000 - which is something we rarely see since the legendary FullTilt Poker days.

However, a fearless participant, Rahul Byrraju wanted to play even bigger and asked his peers - including household names like Andras Nemeth and Timofey Kuznetsov - to raise the stakes to $1,000/$2,000 - needless to say, these sickos all agreed.

Six-figure pots and seven-figure stacks are something we hardly ever see these days - but not at this table.

Watch the entire session of madness here: