The biggest cash game pot of 2019

The PLO action reminded the fans to the golden days of Full Tilt Poker.

Member of GGNetwork, GGPoker is one of the new kids on the block in the online poker industry, but the site has already become the number one spot for high-stakes players, thanks to the high-roller tournament offerings with buy-ins ranging between $1,000 and $25,000 and the high-stakes cash games.

During the weekend a mysterious player located in Malta, 'ilsy168' was driving the action. Even though there is little to know about 'ilsy168', he's said to have lost about $2 million during the weekend.

Indeed, the $100/$200 PLO tables were hot in the past few days, with regular straddles of $400, $800 or - as in the hand below - even $1,600. In this particular session, the unknown player was joined by 'leo kokubo', who's believed to be the owner of King's Casino, Leon Tsoukernik, Rui 'RuiNF_' Ferreira, 'mothaibayo', high-stakes regular 'chan593' and Hungarian high-stakes crusher, 'pokerbluff1' who plays under the 'probirs' moniker on PokerStars and is the number one ranked online tournament player - in addition to being one of the best high-stakes NLH and PLO cash game players as well.


The hand, which created the biggest high-stakes cash game pot this year, started with 'leo kokubo' and 'ruinf_' posting the blinds of $100 and $200. After 'chan593', 'pokerbluff' and 'ilsy168' mixed it up with a couple of straddles, the former raised to $5,900 which both 'pokerbluff' and 'leo' called. 'ruinf_' then moved in for $24,889.53 followed by a re-shove from 'ilsy168' for $42,642.08. 'chan593' decided to fold, but 'pokerbluff' re-potted for $163,742.08. He was probably trying to isolate the shorter stacks but unfortunately for him, 'leo' shoved for $270,025.77. Getting an insane prize, he called.


leo kokubo - {#}A {#}K {#}K {#}J
RuiNF_ - {#}A {#}A {#}8 {#}6
ilsy168 - {#}K {#}3 {#}Q {#}2
pokerbluff1 - {#}4 {#}5 {#}5 {#}8

Board: {#}Q {#}2 {#}2 {#}4 {#}5

As it can be seen, Rui had the best hand preflop, rolling aces over the kings of leo's, while ilsy168 had a pretty looking double-suited hand and pokerbluff played with a rather ambitious combination. Despite hitting a full-house on the flop, ilsy168 couldn't manage to hold, as pokerbluff hit a two outter on the river, making a bigger full house.

Probirs playing another massive pot against ilsy

As he had the biggest stack to start the hand with he scooped the whole pot of $627,083.15 and was sitting with a $983,854.37 stack after this huge massacre. He later lost a $580K pot against ilsy168, but probably still left the game as on overall winner.

As it's crystal clear now, GGPoker is the new home of the highest-stakes and games regularly reach the sky-high stakes, which we haven't seen online since the golden days of the nosebleed action at Full Tilt Poker.

Back then guys like Phil Ivey, Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, Tom 'durrrr' Dwan or Patrik Antonius were facing each other but they shifted to the Asian nosebleed cash games since then and can rarely be seen playing online.

Whether your a high-stakes player or a newcomer, GGPoker is certainly worth a try, as the games at the site are filled with recreational Asian players and the site offers up to 50% cash backs for a regular bankroll boost. If you register on this site, you can gain additional rakebacks up to 23%.