Can You Make Gambling Your Primary Source of Income?

Do you feel like it’s possible to make gambling your major source of income? 

Don’t do it now. Many reasons point to this not being a good idea in 2020 at least. Just study whether you can make gambling an experience you can benefit from, and don’t take it further.

Profiting from gambling is often difficult and in many games, the odds are massively stacked against you. However, as with anything - learning, understanding and practise makes perfect! Whether you’re visiting a land-based casino or checking out the best casinos online, winning real money is very possible and we take a look how.

One of the industries that are witnessing the highest amount of growth in the world at the moment is online gambling. There has been a constant growth in the amount that users’ deposit into their accounts, reaching more than 90% of the total value of gambling in 2018. This is because of the increase in interest from across the world. But this brings up a very logical question, can one make gambling their source of livelihood?

Of course, it’s trendy to make money through online casinos, but you can only make regular money from casinos if you are an expert. These are people with long years of practice and mastering, and players that have succeeded in creating systems and strategies that help them enjoy stable winnings in the casinos.

But you also have to understand that even the experts and those with great strategies also lose huge amounts of money in the casinos, because you can never predict the entire outcome correctly. You have to remember that playing of casinos entails a very high risk.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Gambling As a Means of Livelihood

Gambling could have a central position in the life of a player, especially if they are the lucky type. But to tell ourselves the truth, many people have that desire to make gambling their major source of income. But the question is whether this is possible when you consider the realities of life.

Online casinos do not just come with the huge risk of losing money; they also come with the risk of addiction. According to statistics, the number of people that earn substantial amounts of profit from the casinos and never return within the next five days is very minimal.


This will eliminate the 9-5 work life and the need to report to any boss. Placing bets in online casinos is actually an affair between you and your devices alone. There is no need for you to appear in that formal suit or to make sure you are dressed in compliance with any given dress code.

This gives you the opportunity to do what you cherish. Now, if you have learnt and mastered the game of blackjack or poker, then there is no gainsaying that it is fun and entertaining to place bets on these.

This will also elevate your social status among people of some inclinations. When you become a professional player and earn huge amounts of money, people in some other professions in life will respect you, and you may even become very popular all over the world.


No social benefits. You won’t enjoy anything like a calm old age or a pensionable life if you earn your entire living through gambling. When you enjoy such a source of income, you won’t have the privilege of getting a paid leave, or enjoy medical, transport, furniture and other benefits that people in formal employment enjoy.

You can’t use it as a permanent source of income. No matter the type of game you choose to play in the online casinos, the income will never be stable. Even players that are very fortunate can still have just a few losses drain their entire bankroll in a few minutes.

You’ll get high pressure from society and your family. You have to be sure that many people around you will not support your chosen way of earning if you go with gambling. This opposition will come from your family members mostly. One of the arguments they may put up is that it is too risky to try to earn a living with gambling alone, and that is a very valid argument.

You’ll have the need to have a very sizable bankroll. If you want to succeed in casinos where PayPal is accepted as a payment method for instance, you must come up with a comprehensive strategy. If you look at many of the experts that have recorded success in poker games, you will see that a very sizable amount of money was involved before they were able to become experts and garner the experience needed for successful betting.

Why Is It Very Difficult To Make Gambling Your Primary Source Of Income?

The gambling industry has evolved over a long time, during which there has been a huge improvement in the variety of games and the gambling technology involved. If you are really interested in benefiting from this, then you have to square it out against the very powerful machines in the online casinos.

Many people may have heard that the casino always wins against the player. You have to understand that winning games is not just about the knowledge and skill of the player, human psychology is also very much involved. That is why making the online casinos your source of income and earning money from it regularly seems like a very difficult task that almost nobody can accomplish. But if you use it as an additional source of income, it could bring in some cash.

You can only be assured of regular winning and income from gambling if you own an online casino. When you do, no player, no matter how successful they are can compete with you when it comes to the amount of profit you’ll make every day. However, you have to know that it is very costly to open an online casino, though it’s something that people do.

My Acquaintance Earns a Huge Amount of Money Playing Poker

You may have heard a lot of friends say this, but is it something you should take to heart? When it comes to earning money from the casinos, you have to be aware that even the casino employees who understand the details of the establishment and games may not succeed in casino games.

So, if you wish to make blackjack or poker a primary source of livelihood, a huge amount of patience, money, and time is needed. You can use this to be productive in some other fields that will also give you huge regular and stable income. The most feasible thing is to make it an additional source of income, and this is also not advised.