Cary Katz wins PCA $100K Super High Roller for $1,492,340

The American businessman outlasted of a star-studded field of 48 during the process.

The $100k event started on the first day of the returning PCA, on Monday. The best players in the world were lining up to get their ticket to the event as this tournament is one of the favourites by many. Katz already had more than $12 million in live tournament winnings before this score, so his self-proclaimed definition of himself as a recreational player might just be a bit too modest.

Carry, who registered late on Day2, was starting the final table with one of the shortest stacks. He started the finals with 800k while Daniel Negreanu, Justin Bonomo and Ivan Luca all had chips between 2.4 - 3 million.
The first player to bust was Sam Greenwood. He got 7th in the 10th hand by a horrible cooler against Bryn Kenney. The latter opened to 110,000 under the gun and after everyone folded Sam went all-in from the big blind. Kenney snap-called.

Kenney:      Ah Ad
Greenwood: Ks Kc

The board:   6c 8c Js 9d Jc

The Canadian earned $248,720 for his efforts.

The next player to bust was Isaac "Hollywood" Haxton. Ivan Luca shoved from the small blind with ♥A♥4 and Haxton called for his remaining 1,410,000 with ♥Q ♥J. Even though, Ike flopped a gutshot to go with his pair outs, the board ran out clean and he was out in 6th place for $307,940.

Fancy shirts, fancy lines, welcome to Ike Haxton's life

It didn't take long for the former chip leader of the final table to follow Isaac on his way out. After a short break, he lost a middle-sized pot to Bryn and the two continued clashing in the very next hand. Luca opened from the cut-off to 175,000 only to get three-bet by Bryn from the small blind to 635,000. After some tanking Ivan moved in for his 3.095 million chips and Kenney snap-called once more.

Luca:     Ah Jc
Kenney: Ac Kc

The board couldn't stop Ivan from collecting his $402,700 for finishing 5th.

After an epic comeback from 2 big blinds, Daniel Negreanu was finally out in 4th place. Daniel's final hand saw Bryn opening from the first position to 210,000. "Kidpoker" shoved from the small blind for 840,000 and the big blind, Justin Bonomo came over the top with a re-shove to isolate his customer. Kenney decided to fold.

Negreanu: Ks Kh
Bonomo:   Ac Jh

Board:      Ac Ad :4c Qh 2d

Even though Bryn folded an ace, Justin managed to catch the remaining two to bust Negreanu, who is one step closer to his 2018 goals, as he won $521,140 for getting 4th.

The biggest winner in live tournaments last year, Bryn Kenney added another big score to his resume, as he finished 3rd for $686,960 after busting against Justin Bonomo in Hand 124. The latter moved in from the small blind and Kenney called for his remaining 2.84 million.

Bonomo: Qs Td
Kenney:   Kh 9d

Board:     Jd 3h Tc Ah 4s

The heads-up continued with the following chip counts:

Cary Katz 6,695,000
Justin Bonomo 5,305,000


Katz quickly increased his chip lead when he made quads against the full house of Justin's with ♣7♣4 on the board of ♥A♥7♠7 ♣5 ♥7. (Justin had ♣A♥2)
A few hands after Bonomo finally moved in with his last 3.3 million and got called by Katz.

Bonomo: Ac Kh
Katz:      8d 8c

Board: 2s 9h 3s Qs Jh

Carry managed to win the flip, the title and the $1,492,340 first prize. Justin earned $1,077,800 and now has more than $19 million in total earnings. See the final results below:

Position Player
1 Cary Katz $1,492,340
2 Justin Bonomo $1,077,800
3 Bryn Kenney $686,960
4 Daniel Negreanu $521,140
5 Ivan Luca $402,700
6 Isaac Haxton $307,940
7 Sam Greenwood $248,720


Day1 of the $10,300 Main Event has also kicked off yesterday. Brazil's Affif Prado is currently holding the chip lead. The game continues today. Pokergurublog will certainly be there for the updates.