Casino and Swimming Pool on the Top of the City

Playing poker is tiresome. So why not chill out on the top of Singapore?

The Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino, opened in June 2010, consists of three 55-stories buldings, four levels of which are dedicated to gambling and card games. The facility, built from around $6 billion(!), of course provides luxury accomodation in its 2560 suites.

Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino

But the real attraction, however, is the 380 metres long Sands Skypark on the top of the complex, including a swimming pool about 200 metres above the city, seemingly without any form of edge to protect you from falling down if overswam... The view is breathtaking but the adventure is definitely not for those with acrophobia.

Marina Bay Pool1

In case you do dare take your chances, there is nothing to worry about after all; a safety pool just under the ledge is there to catch you, but for the money you spend to rest in the resort, this is the least you can expect.

Marina Bay Pool2