Celebrities Poker Gurus You Didn’t Know Existed

Hollywood is filled with surprises and celebs and when we combine the two, we aren’t really ever surprised at the scandals that emerge from under the red carpet.

What does surprise us however is the long list of celebrities who have a penchant for the poker tables and online casinos such as novibet.co.uk. Sure, we have read about the odd celeb at the Bellagio, but to be a movie star that has been banned from casinos for counting cards, well that grabs our attention. So here is what we discovered or more like who we have exposed and the juice is good! Needless to say, we can’t blame our Hollywood stars for falling in love with the card game; after all, that’s why we are here.

Ben Affleck

Having played his role in more than one casino movie, Ben Affleck took his roles quite literally and moved over to the poker dens to amaze all with his incredible poker abilities. The actor has been invited to some of the most exclusive poker tournament events but has allegedly been known to prefer playing with friends, producers and fellow colleagues. The buy in to these private games are rumoured to start at a minimum of $50 000 to $100 000.

Tobey Maguire

In 2011 a scandal emerged involving Tobey Maguire where he faced a lawsuit for allegedly making $40 million over a period of 3 years in illegal gambling houses. He was involved in an illegal gambling ring but he claimed he was only one of many Hollywood stars to have been a part of the underground gambling scene. The actor settled the court case and agreed to pay an $80 000 fine, well worth the risk we think!

Jennifer Tilly

The actress from the movie ‘Bound’ and many others, is one of the only film stars to have won the much coveted WSOP tournament bracelets. What an incredible achievement in 2005. She has also won an Oscar and is rumoured to be more proud of her WSOP bracelet than the Oscar, so are we Tilly, so are we!

Shannon Elizabeth

Another on fire actress has attended the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Tournament and came in third. She has had quite the poker reputation since then and is still playing poker on the odd occasion.

Pamela Anderson

The ‘Baywatch’ babe has been known to frequent some of the most prestigious casino establishments in Vegas and even has her own video slots game named after her TV show.

Tiger Woods

The famous golfer has been said to be a high stakes player with buy ins beginning at $1 million. He attends most of the famed poker tournaments as a famous golfer would of course. With all the news being quietly hushed once again, we have to wonder how many others have had a secret infatuation with the heady card game. It’s always a surprise seeing our stars at the WSOP tournament tables or getting snapped by the paparazzi with a deck of cards in their hands, but nevertheless, we can’t say we blame them!