Champion crowned in the High Rollers 06: $10,400 NLHE, $1M Gtd Event

It wasn't too long ago when PokerStars announced the new Online High Rollers series and huge prizes has already been handed out.

The High Rollers event kicked off on Tuesday with 82 entries and 36 re-entries. The biggest names in online poker showed up to play with the likes of Nikita "fish2013" Bodyakovsky, Dario "Secret_M0d3" Sammartino, Liv "liv_boeree" Boeree and Patrick "pads1161" Leonard. 15 players reached the money but only 14 of them made a profit, since "Negriin" entered the tournament three times, meaning his $21,362 win couldn't cover his $30k+ investment.

Hungarian high stakes PLO player Laszlo "omaha4rollz" Bujtas played the unfortunate role of the bubbleboy, but made sure to recover his losses at the PLO tables - winnnig almost $100k there. The only PokerStars pro in the remaining field was Liv Boeree, who finished in 12th place for $26,685.

The players reached the final table when Denmark's Henrik "hhecklen" Hecklen busted in 10th place. The chiplead belonged to Robert "PlayaPlz" Lipkin, who managed to to dominate throughout the whole final table. One of the most important hands was played between three players on the blind level of 10,000/20,000-2,500. Hungarian high stakes pro Andras "probirs" Nemeth opened from UTG to 44,800 and got three-bet by PlayaPlz to 134,000 from the hijack. Extremely short stacked "pads1161" called for his remaining 54,766 chips and "probirs" called as well.
The flop came down 6c 5d 7c and the Hungarian decided to lead out for 95,000. PlayaPlz called and they saw a Js hitting the turn. "Probirs" checked but PlayaPlz made a 220,000 bet which was called by his opponent. The river was the Qs, "probirs" checked again and had a decision to make after his opponent put him all-in. Probirs decided to fold, so the two remaining players showed down their hands.

Pads1161: Ad Qh
PlayaPlz: Ts 8s

Ace-Queen is good for Patrick

Patrick trippled up but "PlayaPlz" took the even bigger side pot, while "probirs" lost a big portion of his chips. The Hungarian managed to come back, to around one million in chips thanks to a flip he won against "Secret_M0d3" - hitting a queen on the flop with Ace-Queen against Dario's nines. The Italian busted shortly after in 5th place, good for a $92,853 payday. "Fish2013" was the next player out earning $119,956 for his efforts. Third place finisher was "probirs" who collected $154,969 and the heads-up began between "Black88" and "PlayaPlz".

The ladder managed to take down the title and the $258,639 first prize while runner-up "Black88" got $200,203.

Final results

Rank Player
PlayaPlz $258,639
2. Black88 $200,203
3. probirs $154,969
4. fish2013 $119,956
5. Secret_M0d3 $92,853
6. daskalos $71,874
7. pads1161 $55,635
8. DSmunichlife $43,065
9. pokerkluka $33,335