The crazy hand everyone talks about

The Triton Super High Roller cash game created some massive pots, sometimes with garbage hands.

The cash game at the Triton Poker SHR Jeju 2019 is providing the poker fans with plenty of exciting episodes recently. The world's best players battle against wealthy businessmen for millions of dollars every hand. Many of the hands include top-notch plays and great reads but this one with $750,600 in the middle is not one of those.

In this hand, cash game organizer and promoter, Jean-Robert Bellande was facing Asian businessman, Yu Liang. Liang opened with ace-king, and after a few flat calls, JRB made a squeeze play. Mr. Liang 4-bet and Jean-Robert wasted no time, to spazz his whole stack in, in hopes of a quick fold from Yu. However, what he got was the complete opposite.

The hand shocked the whole table, including JRB's backer, Andrew Robl, who didn't enjoy the fancy play which cost him a fortune.

The hand starts at 13:30 but the whole episode worths a watch: