EPT Online Main Event Resolution

Over the years, poker fans around the globe have actively taken part in European Poker Tour (EPT) and its initial round games.

EPT is similar to World Poker Tour (WPT), in which avid poker players take part in online competitions to move on to the next round. For taking part in EPT, one needs to register on initial tables and play games with online opponents. The winner gets a chance to play the following tables and move up in the tournament by winning consecutive games. EPT is powered and sponsored by PokerStars casino, which itself is a big name in the online gambling industry.

Over the years, EPT has gained significant online popularity in online casinos and gaming arenas. The prize money of each season depends upon the number of players participating globally and taking part in initial round games. There have been more than 87,000 entries in the main event of ETP, attracting thousands of poker fans and determined players globally. With the growing demand for online casinos and interaction platforms, international poker tournaments are gaining immense popularity among amateur and professional gamblers. The European Poker Tournament’s online series features 20 main events having buy-ins from $215 to $25,000. Moreover, a low buy-in companion series runs alongside having buy-ins ranging from $2.20 to $215 maximum.

Why is Poker Called a Global Card Game?

Like English is regarded as a universal language, Poker is a global card game. Poker isn’t just played in Europe or North America; it is played in various regions of Asia, its adjoining areas. There are about 100 million poker players globally, among which 60 million players belong from the US. Many Poker events occur in the US, Canada, and many European countries. Texas Holdem Poker is famous in the US, though many variants of Poker can be found online and in land-based casinos across the 50 states of the US. If you want to play different Poker game variants, you can visit land-based casinos or signup at online casinos offering multiple card games and Texas Holdem Poker. Alex Foxen, Jerry Buss, Dan Bilzerian, John Guth are among the famous Poker players across the US. Every 6 out of 10 poker players of the US have participated in online gaming events.

If you enjoy taking part in poker events, you can find some of the best poker tournaments at pokerstars casino, which is among the prime online platforms for die-hard poker fans and determined poker players. Online casinos are the new normal in the US, which are preferred by thousands of players throughout the day. One can play various card games in online casinos, including online digital slots and video poker. If you love following Word Poker and European Poker Tournaments, you must sign up on PokerStars casino.

Who Won the EPT Online Main Event?

The EPT online main event of 2020 was initially priced at $5 million, attracting more than 1300 entries globally. For the main event of 2020, the prize money was raised around $6.2 million. The final was won by WhatIfGod, claiming $1,019,082 as the prize money. Timothy Adams finished as the first runner-up of the EPT 2020.

WhatIfGod again won this year’s ETP final after defeating Colillas, Benjamin, Rolle, Volkmann, and other notable poker players in the series. WhatIfGod claimed $80,503 after winning the series saver event in the tournament. Undoubtedly WhatIfGod is getting his name in the record books and being regarded as one of the best poker players in modern times. After winning the first two EPT events, WhatIfGod is all set to dominate the entire online season and bag maximum wins gradually. EPT online main events were scheduled between Dec 19-21, attracting millions of online viewers and fans across the globe. This year EPT online main event belonged to WhatIfGod of Sweden who made around $363,640.89. With the growing popularity of these online poker events, Pokerstars casino is focused on introducing many more local and regional tournaments across the world’s regions.

How to Become a Successful Poker Player?

Every determined and persistent poker player aspires to be the best and dominate fellow players on the table. However, to become a successful poker player, one needs to aim for the big picture and create small yet achievable goals for the starters. Like every physical sport, Poker needs to be played with sheer determination, concentration, and game ethics. Not every poker player plays Poker to dominate their opponents and win overnight stakes. To be a successful poker player, one needs to identify their online motivation and follow consistently.

If you are a working individual, don’t spend excessive time playing online Poker. Set your schedule and betting amount for the day, and then start playing on online or land-based casinos. If you get hyperactive during poker games and make rash decisions, try improving your game techniques and in-game choices. After the dealer has disbursed the cards, one needs to take a deep breath for a second, analyze the game, and then start calling or raising for the pot. Many players focus on betting and overall pot price, compromising their in-game attitude and decisions. As a poker player, one needs to focus on choices rather than outcomes that are less likely to be in one’s favor. Poker is a card game, which can’t be played with a casual or informal attitude. Once you decide, stand by it and play the game with sheer determination and seriousness. However, if you prefer random gambling, you can’t be a successful poker player.

Not every successful poker player was a big shot or a multimillionaire. While playing Poker, one needs to review its finances and place limited bets. Bluffing in unnecessary situations is considered a foul. However, if you think your raised bet and cards in hand can dominate the upcoming cards, then for sure, you must go for the gamble. Try making the most out of every poker game you are playing online or with friends. Once you learn all the tricks of the trades, you will start mastering the game.