The Exciting Era of Poker SNG Tables - Is it Over or Not?

We look at how poker Sit and Go tables have fared over the last few years. An iconic game for many poker players, but it might be on its last legs. Or is it?

The Declining Popularity of SNGs!

Poker is a popular game, and various styles emerged over the years. Sit and Go poker, shortened to SNG, is one of those styles that took the online poker world by storm. However, the days of SNG tournaments could be over as notable poker brands start discontinuing the game. Join us as we look at the history of SNGs and how they fare.

What are SNGs?

Sit and Go tournaments are fast-paced poker games that start when a requisite number of players join the table. The number of players required can vary from single-player tables to 10-player tables. Single-table SNGs were the most traditional type and a favorite among players. 

This popularity was because, unlike scheduled tournaments, you could play anytime and enjoy the same live poker stakes as in bigger games. You could start playing as soon as the preset number of people joined the table. These games have been around for more than two decades and have enjoyed a significant fan base. 

Sit and Go Tables Today

SNGs began to fall out of favor with poker players. These days, many new and exciting poker varieties and tournaments are available. New bonus features, formats, and prizes become available, seemingly making traditional games like Sit and Go tables a thing of the past. Below, we look at where this game is today.


Waning Interest

The most significant indicator of the waning interest in SNGs is that 888poker recently removed this traditional game format from their offering. The reason for this was a lack of interest in the game from players, and it wasn’t worth it to keep it available anymore.


Current Types Available

However, not everything points towards this game becoming defunct. Instead, like many traditional poker games, it is evolving. GGPoker offers their iconic Spin and Gold tables, where you can turn $1 into $100,000, featuring the new 6-Max style. The buy-in ranges from $0.25 up to $200 and remains a popular addition to the site.

Another example is partypoker’s Daily SPINS leaderboard, where you can play SPINS or SPINS Ultra to receive points and climb the leaderboard. Both offers might not follow the traditional SNG format, but it’s based on it, which implies the game’s era isn’t over; it’s simply evolving.

Exclusive Offers

A significant reason the interest in these games has waned is that many brands have charged a high rake on low buy-ins. However, lottery-style SNGs are becoming more popular with their thrillingly fast gameplay. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these games. For example, offers an $8,000 rake race for players who sign up at GGPoker through them.

If you prefer partypoker, then no worries because an incredible $12,000 rake race awaits you in the room. Besides that, frequently provide exclusive rake races and chases, so try out their SNG-style games and see whether you believe the era is over or changing.