Fairspin Birthday Tournament Is On!

You can now win a Tesla Model 3 by playing the games of Fairspin.


We are happy to launch the Fairspin Birthday Tournament. It is a large-scale tournament celebrating the birthday of our site.

You can participate in the tournament from September 27 till October 27.

To make this event special for our players, we are intended to give away cool prizes for the most active users. Paly with us by betting on your favorite games and have a chance to win:

  • 1st place Tesla Model 3 ($50,000)
  • 2nd place 2,000,000 TFS
  • 3rd place 1,200,000 TFS
  • 4th place 400,000 TFS
  • 5th place 400,000 TFS

Besides that, every player will have a chance to receive a part of 3,000,000 TFS and 7,500 FS among them who deposit $100+.

You can receive a present even if you do not gamble at all. You just have to follow us on social media platforms for valuable prizes.

How to win

  1. Receive TFS for each bet as a reward.
  2. You can increase your tokens if you bet more.
  3. Prizes are distributed between those players who mined the largest number of TFS via the P2E program during the tournament period.
  4. Only Fairspin users can participate in the tournament.

The blockchain guarantees the transparency of the results. All bets can be checked via Trueplay Explorer, and you can make sure that the winner deserves it.

Why is Fairspin so special?

Fairspin is an online casino. It was founded in 2018 and worked under the Curaçao eGaming license. It is a transparent provider where every user may check their bets and other gaming actions through the blockchain. It is possible because of the Trueplay Explorer, which records all that actions at Fairspin and publishes them in Explorer.

Fairspin provides more than 5000 games by 70+ providers translated into 20+ languages.

Fairspin casino has its digital asset called TFS Тoken. Thanks to the special loyalty programs, The TFS may be converted, bought, sold, received, and exchanged from the gaming account on the market. We released a limited number of TFS Тokens, and are watching to keep the stable course between TFS and USD.

There are two main programs based on TFS Тoken:

Play To Earn - when users receive rakeback (refund from a bet) for bets in each game in tokens. They can send received tokens to the most profitable holding programs, sell them, or convert them to a currency account and continue to play.

Hold To Earn - is an option to put TFS on hold and then receive a percentage of the casino income in tokens as a reward. There are three holding programs: 8 hours, 1 day, 3 days. The average APR of the Hold To Earn program can reach 535%. Moreover, it is fully safe, since even if the casino does not have income, the user will in any case receive all the tokens from holding.