Four people shot dead at illegal gambling club

Four people lost their lives and three more left wounded after a shooting in an illegal gambling hall in Brooklyn, New York.

The incident happened on October 12th at around 7:00 a.m. at the Triple A Aces club, which is an unlicensed gambling place.

The police are currently trying to put together to the pieces, to get a clear picture of the events in Triple A Aces. It's unclear whether it was a robbery or a fight over the game. What is currently known about the case is that four people were shot dead, while another man was wounded and a woman required hospital treatment.

The man who survived is Jachiyah Holder, 35, a state correction officer, who was shot once in the leg. Officers recovered two handguns from the venue, a 9mm handgun, and a revolver when entering the club.

The game is believed to be a dice, game and involved Chester Goode, 37, a gambler who allegedly started the shootout by pulling the handgun and firing into the ceiling. A shot into his head ended his life. Two of his friends, Terrence Bishop, 36, and John Thomas, 32 were also found dead.

According to the sources, the fourth victim is the gambling den's security guard who was trying to stop the violence.

“The cops told me they died with their guns in their hands,” the property’s owner, Samuel “Sammy” Revells, told The Post. “It’s a real bad-ass situation we have here — bad for everyone,” he added.

According to law enforcement sources: “The three guys had been playing for more than an hour, and they were losing money,” referring to Goode and his friends. There was some big money there, even though it was a crime scene, there were some hundred-dollar bills still lying on the floor.”

About 20 people were in the room, gambling at a poker table and playing a dice game cee-lo, at a second table, when the shooting started. Goode pulled a 9mm and shot into the ceiling while ordering everyone in the room to get down on the floor.

Even though according to Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea, the gambling operation was unlicensed, Revells, who owns the building claims he didn't know anything about the illegal activities.

“I thought they were having birthday parties, things for funerals in there,” he said. “In the two years since I leased it, we haven’t had any problems, no police.”

“I was on my way over to fix something and I have tenants calling me telling me what happened,” he said. “It’s all over money,” he said concluded.