Games Poker Fans will Love

Although online poker may be the game of choice for many players, there’ll be other games they may choose to play instead from time to time.

It could be a case of just wanting to play a quick game alone or taking a break from the norm and playing something different.

In any case, here are a few popular online games to try to spice things up a little, which include a few poker variations if you’re looking for something new and engaging to play on the internet.


Roulette is a fast-paced game with little need for strategy, making it a perfect game for when time is lacking and excitement is needed. To play, one of three bets must be made: inside (red), outside (black), and odd or even.

In simple terms, a bet can be placed on whether a number will land on red and be even or odd. Alternatively, a zero bet can be made, which means none of these types of combinations are bet on.

Slot Machines

One of the easiest games to play, slot machines, or ‘the slots,’ are great for those new to online casino games. They’re easy to learn to play, with slots that have high returns to players (RTPs) being particularly popular amongst gambling fans.


In this game, it’s the player against the dealer – who’s known as the banker. Before the match gets underway, the player has to make a bet. Their choices are on who’s to win: the player or the banker, or whether the hand will end in a tie. The aim is to get as close to 9 points as possible. All face cards have a value of 0, with the others worth 1 point each.


Considered one of the most popular online games, blackjack is a game where every card has a meaning. For instance, the ace can be worth 1 or 11 points, depending on how you want to use it. There are many ways to play this casino classic, like whether the dealer hits soft 17 or not, so the first step should be to understand the rules of this one before playing by yourself.

Online Poker Variations

Of course, some games are similar to poker but with twists to keep things exciting and different, which is why it helps to take your time and browse online games to see if there’s anything of interest to play.

If playing alone appeals, there are plenty of online poker based games at slotslv – you aren’t just restricted to one type of poker. You could play a few new games one evening to shake things up from your usual routine or play a different one once you’ve grasped how to play the current one you’re trying out.

Three-Card Poker

An easy game to learn, three-card poker is good for beginners to ease themselves into playing poker. After placing bets, players are given three cards – and the only thing a player has to decide is whether to play or fold (give up their hand). Folding is done when players don’t think their hand is strong enough to win.

Russian Poker

Russian poker differs from standard poker. In this variation, players can draw or buy new cards when they’re needed. Essentially, though, there are many options in this game, which keeps it interesting for fans.

To begin with, each player gets five cards. The dealer also gets five cards, one of which they lay face up for the players to see. Players then decide whether to exchange this card for one of theirs, buy a sixth card, or play the hand they’ve been dealt.

Pai-Gow Poker

A different game from those featured so far, pai-gow poker is a game that must be learned before playing. It uses all 52 cards in a deck, sometimes including a joker. The joker comes with its own rules of how it’s played and can be used in a flush or straight combo. If it’s not, it tends to be considered an ace.

In this poker variant, players are dealt a seven-card hand, which they have to divide into two: the top hand has two cards, while the bottom has five. The bottom hand has to be stronger than the player’s top hand – and if the player has the highest top and bottom hands, they’ve won.

Final Thoughts

It’s said that variety is the spice of life, and playing new casino favorites and different online poker games can certainly add to this. There are so many variations to play online, so who knows what someone will like or be good at? If players have some spare time and are looking for something different to enjoy, there could be a game out there just waiting for them to discover.