GGPoker’s New Features: Prop Bets and Voice Messages

Try out GGPoker’s new features, available after a recent software update. Prop bets and voice messages are now available - read more to see how they work.

GGPoker’s New Features: Prop Bets and Voice Messages

GGPoker has been one of the leading poker brands for years. But despite its considerable following and fame, the brand constantly strives to deliver better features and events to players. 

A case in point is the recent software update, which provides players with innovative features they can enjoy to the fullest and new policies to protect their online poker experience.


Recent Software Upgrade


The latest software update brought players both new features and new policies.


New Policies


There is now a multi-tabling policy in place, where the operator restricts the number of tables a player can join at each blind level. The new restriction is nine tables per game type or blind level, while some games, like Rush & Cash, are restricted to four tables.


Another new policy is the No Turn, No Show policy, which means the operator reveals hole cards to players only when it’s their turn to play. While the brand is just testing it with Five Card PLO for now, the goal is to implement it in most poker games eventually.


Also, GGPoker introduced new buy-in levels for Spin & Gold six-handed games, with $5 and $20 buy-ins now available.


Voice Messages


While voice chat is not a unique innovation at online poker brands, it’s still not common. Thanks to this new upgrade, players can now record a brief audio message that can be sent to the table. 


GGPoker implemented this feature to provide a more authentic gaming experience, but you can mute such notifications if it’s not something that interests you.


Prop Bets


GGPoker has also introduced new prop bets to its tables, allowing you to bet on a broader range of possibilities within each game. Prop bets that are available include betting which player will last the longest, what cards will be in the flop, or a number of other bets that aren’t directly related to the match’s outcome.


Players can also participate in the Last Longer bet, where two or more players bet directly against one another to see who’ll last the longest at a table. While it’s the only prop bet currently available, GGPoker is expected to introduce more formats later. 


The Last Longer bets can range from 10% to 200% of the event’s buy-in. It is currently available in almost all of the brand’s games and tournaments.


Other Innovations


GGPoker provides a number of other innovative features at its tables, some even unique to other online poker brands. It’s an integrated staking platform and provides a built-in HUD and multiple tools you can use. 


Some of the most popular tools are PokerCraft, a game-tracking tool, and Ask Fedor, an integrated coaching tool. Players can also use features like SnapCam, Smart Betting, Dance Emotes, Card Squeeze, and more.


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