Hellmuth vs Esfandiari taser gunshot challenge!

The two long-time pros will face each other at a heads-up match, where there is physical harm on the line!

Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari are two of the best-known poker players in the online gambling world. While they have more than $50,000,000 in combined tournament earnings, both of them are famous for their entertaining personalities, rather than poker skills.

Hellmuth is not much of a prop-bettor, even though he had his fair share of crazy side bets during the years against the likes of Doug Polk or Rob Yong but Esfandiari is a considered a side bet king, he even came up with his own bet type, called "Lodden thinks" - alongside his long-time poker buddy, Phil Laak.

Just a few weeks ago, Antonio fought against Kevin Hart and managed to end the boxing-match with a TKO and an undisclosed (but probably pretty large) amount of money into his pocket.

This time, Phil and Antonio will be facing each other for a heads-up battle, where the loser will be shot with a taser gun!

Knowing how confident they are, and how bad they like to "punish" each other the match promises huge entertainment value - not to mention the painful consequences. The two seasoned pros shared the details of the bet on their Twitter pages.

Hellmuth had a heads-up challenge, with Dusk Till Dawn owner and high-stakes cash game player, Rob Yong in the recent past, but they haven't sat down to play as of yet. Do you think the match against Antonio will go down in the near future? Who do you have your money on? Let us know in the comments!