History Of Online Slot Machines

 What should you know about slot machine evolutions?


The concept of gambling isn’t new. You can find references to the game style for centuries before slot machines were even invented. The first ever slot machine was created in 1894, but back then it was called the Liberty Bell.

The design for a slot machine hasn’t changed since that first creation, as the love for the randomized device with an automatic payout gave us thrill seekers that wonderful lucky feeling.

Of course, in the 21st Century slot machines have advanced along with the technological developments of our time. This means we can play online slots real money games, and continue our Liberty Bell experience while taking the bus.

To really appreciate this technological change, we need to dive into the history of online slot machines.

It All Began In Nevada

Nevada was the first ever state to legalize gambling, and that change in the laws would eventually allow Las Vegas to turn into the casino shrine it is today.

As we said before, the first ever slot machine was created back in the late 1800s. It was the first-ever mechanical gambling machine and revolutionized the way in which gambling houses designed new games.

The Liberty Belt was created in Brooklyn but quickly made its way into Nevada to show off its gambling opportunities. The slots became an instant success for women, as classic games such as blackjack and poker shunned female participants. As wives would wait for their husbands, they sat to play the slot machines. They found the game easy to understand without needing instructions to play along.

Until this moment, you had to either be a man or persuade one to teach you to get started in the gambling world. But, slots opened up this experience to more newcomers, expanding the genre to new levels of success.

From the 19th Century To The 20th

The internet was invented in 1983, but it wasn’t released to the public until 1993. In the 90s the technology for online gambling wasn’t around. You couldn’t buy things online or even do your banking, as we simply hadn’t developed that technology yet.

This meant that casinos had no use for websites apart from as a noticeboard for upcoming events. The real changes to slot machine history began before live streaming and online bets could take place.

We are talking about videos.

Traditional slot machines used mechanical elements such as springs and levers to turn the wheels which produce the picture of fruits. In 1976, this mechanical idea was soon to be replaced.

A new computerized version of the game had been invented. It came with flashy displays, fun noises, and a video version of the game to play against. Instead of pulling a lever, you press a button.

The added lights and flashing colors were an instant hit, removing the need for mechanical slot machines across the world.

Moving Gambling Online

The first-ever online gambling website was called InterCasino. This website still exists today, but in the last decade or so, it has started to lag behind newer platforms.

InterCasino was created in 1996. To make bets you had to call a specific number or type in your bank account details in a similar format to what we experience today. However, online bank transfers were not secure, so most bettors would stick to phone sales until the early 21st Century.

Online slots didn’t really take off until the invention of apps was made. This didn’t occur until 2008, but before we jump too far into the future, we need to return back to the early days of internet gaming.

Safe And Sound Gambling Software Was Invented

Investors knew that online gambling would be an instant hit, as long as the technology allowed bettors to play safely. The online world was gaining popularity at an alarming rate, and it didn’t take long for a good software company to take on the change.

Microgaming, an online casino, was a massive name at this point in time, and they used their influence and money to develop the first-ever sophisticated gambling software. It won awards for its ability to simulate slot machines accurately and allow for simple payments and rewards.

The seamless graphics made the game immersive, and we continue to follow in Microgaming's footsteps with our current slot machine formulas.

Online Slots Now

With our current technology, we can play online casinos whenever we want, bet however much we want, and watch others play anywhere in the world. Most casinos also come with a timer to help prevent overspending on these addictive games as modern companies accept responsibility for enticing addictive behavior.

As technology advances, we can expect virtual reality to enter the slot machine world soon.

You may think that there is nothing more to add to slot machines, but so did those back in 1990, and look how wrong they were.


The history of the humble slot machine shows that technology will find a way to advance any game we ask it to. In the future, we will see new versions of this classic in ways we cannot even imagine now.