How do online casinos keep players safe?

Security is a big part of human existence. Everybody would prefer to go about their business in the safest way possible without intrusion from another unauthorised party.

We pay security companies to protect our homes, offices and private businesses because we are constantly under threat of danger from unwanted intruders. Similarly, with online casinos, a lot of personal and financial information travels back and forth between the players and the casinos. Similar to the physical world, there are people who make a living from stealing this information at the inconvenience of the player.

Since much of the information is sensitive such as bank account numbers and passwords, it is of high priority that players at online casinos feel safe enough to share that information while enjoying the games online. Online casinos have implemented many ways to ensure that the casino experience is as safe as possible. They must protect the players and give them confidence that everything is according to the rules. There are websites that can help the gamblers find this information and if you like to be sure what you are getting into, you can try visiting the Ruby Fortune Casino games that Casino Reviews reviews them here. To keep yourself safe as a gambler we will explain some of the ways you will come across eventually.

Blockchain technology

You may have come across the term crypto casinos before or not. This term has become popular for casinos that use blockchain in their operations. Why this route? Blockchain offers some benefits to casinos including enabling them to privately record player behaviour, game outcomes and efficiently manage financial transactions. Above all, blockchain ensures that all this data collected by the casino is secure. Additional blockchain technology has entered the payment methods section through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that make financial transactions absolutely private and safer than a mortar and brick bank.

Random number generation

RNG (random number generation) is a system where an algorithm and a seed number are used to create random results that make it difficult for a third unauthorised party to access private information being transacted through an online casino. Both numbers are unknown and only allow access to the account owner and the casino machine while preventing hackers from getting their hands on it. in order for online casinos to test the reliability of their RNGs, third party companies such as Technical Systems Testing (TST) may be hired to the RNGs and software for fairness. If they pass the tests, the casino receives a badge that it can display on its website. TST also has a website where they show the companies that have passed their tests where players can crosscheck.

SSL encryptions

You may have come across the abbreviation but never understood its meaning until today. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the most common form of encryption. It encrypts data while its being processed and provides protection for confidential information from unauthorised third parties. It does this by turning information into strings of unbreakable doe as secure as a bank, SSL certificates can be found in the toolbar of the website as https. Some other options in terms of encryption include AES encryption which includes 128/256-bit encryption. Be sure to check the website to ensure that your information is encrypted to guarantee no infiltrators.

Payment services

Online casinos are characterised by financial transactions back and forth between the player and the casino. This may be through deposits and withdrawals of winning by players. In order to do this, you have to know what payment options are available but more importantly, how safe are they. Some of the payment methods with strict security protocols include visa and PayPal. They allow for payment withdrawals within different time frames. It is a great idea to test these payment methods to ensure they do what they claim to. You do this by depositing a few funds which will give you a real feel for how secure they are and how fast they are. The latter is an important consideration when it comes to processing deposits and withdrawals. It should be similarly fast for both.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are another option that provide safety and security for financials transactions though still moderately popular.


Safety is a major concern for anyone who wants to make the best of the online casino experience. Without great security, you are prone to fraud and misuse of personal and financial information. Using the above options, you will have no monkey on your back in terms of security. Keep an eye out for these factors at your online casino.