How to make the most money playing online poker

Learn how you can create a steady income on top of your poker winnings!

When it comes to playing online poker professionally, most people think about a risky, swingy lifestyle. While the money the players earn at the tables can is indeed difficult to calculate because of the variance, the sharpest pros know how to create a sustainable, steady income on top of their winnings.

The most important thing when trying to figure out which poker room to choose is the loyalty system, which can earn players thousands of dollars each month. Many people are aware of the importance of the rakeback, but there are still plenty, who doesn't even take this aspect into consideration, which can cost them huge sums.

Other than the rakebacks from the poker sites, online poker affiliate sites, like will offer you additional prizes, which can be easily calculatable so even if you have a bad streak at the tables, you can count on a hefty cash transfer right into your balance on a monthly basis.

There are plenty of exclusive promotions, usually rake races and rake chases, which are only available for those, who register through, meaning, that you can get a big edge over others. If you register through you'll be entitled for all exclusive promotions at your poker room forever.

Taking a look at their offerings for June, there are several promotions, which will earn you more than 20% extra rakeback. The €3,000 rake race at partypoker now offers the participants 22% extra on average. Based on current numbers, €650 top prize can be taken down with about $2,000 - $2,500 rake, which is pretty easy for players playing on stakes of NL100+, mid-stakes tournaments or SNGs. The second prize, €450 can be your for raking only about $1,000.

Another great example is the hase/">$3,500 exclusive chase at GGPoker, which can make each participant $3,500 extra each month! In the case of chases the players don't even need to race against others, these simply work as additional loyalty pages exclusively for players. This promotion can gain you up to 23% extra rakeback on top of what you get from the site.


The list goes long, but the point is crystal clear: professional poker players don't only rely on their winnings, they make big money simply by choosing the poker rooms and finding the best poker affiliate.

If you want to be a true professional, not just an impulsive gambler make sure to find the best deal and play your best game at the tables!