Improve your game with the Facebook AI

In their latest video, Finding Equilibrium analyzed a couple of interesting hands played between Pluribus and poker pros.

The artificial intelligence created by Facebook and the Carnegie Mellon University beat a group of poker pros, including Linus 'Llinusllove' Löliger, Nick Petrangelo, Jason Les, Dong Kim, Greg Merson, Darren Elias, or Chris Ferguson in a 6-max cash game a few weeks ago.

The announcement was in the center of attention in both the poker media and the mainstream media, but we haven't had an opportunity to dig deep into the hands between the men and the machine.

The mainstream media went nuts about the news, and the developer team's comment, in which they claimed that their AI could break the online poker industry.

On the other hand, many were less enthusiastic about the performance of the AI as it only played 10,000 hands against the pros and the results weren't extreme.

Thanks to the Youtube-channel, called 'Finding Equilibrium' we can now have a look at the strategy of the AI on a deeper level. Watch the full video below: