Legendary Vegas Poker Player Was Threatened by Murder

59-year-old Ron Wall is a very popular person in the Las Vegas poker rooms: the well-known poker player basically got stuck in the ‘50s, and cruises between casinos dressed up as a gangster from that time. The whole thing, of course, is just a joke mixed with a bit less common sense, as the guy called ‘Duke’ never hurts anyone.


Somebody, however, thought the guy’s time on Earth had expired and tried to finish with him. Thirty-year-old Edmond Price and girlfriend Victoria Elizabeth Edelman cheated Duke into a hotel room with the promise of selling him gold, and Wall happily went with them, as, according to him, he had several successful deals with them in the past. This time, though, the business did not go down smooth. Both Edmond and Elizabeth instantly started hitting Duke when he entered the room. They wanted to take hold of the $137,000 that was in Duke’s bag.

But the old man did not obey easily. He knew that if he had abandoned fighting, he would have been killed and hidden somewhere in the desert. But the couple was stronger, grabbed the money and left the room. Duke was left there bound by ropes in the room, but somehow he managed to free himself and call the police.

They soon caught the two robbers, who – as it later turned out – were already sought after by the police for some time.