Most Popular Esports in Canada: Supporting Statistics or Choosing Unique Markets?

Esports in the world market and local niches are slightly different, depending on what seems more captivating for natives. Let’s check the case of Canada and its passion for esports.

Analysis and research of the esports popularity around the globe let enthusiasts understand what discipline is better to start with and is worth participating in, in general. Esports don’t really differ from country to country — the same characters, plot, updates, and more. However, the interest local people show to this or that entertainment differentiate significantly.

Without a doubt, Canada is one of the global esports centers, which contributes a lot to the development of the field and its separate components. Overall, such giants as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends are present in every land, but their position in the popularity ranking doesn’t always coincide with the results around the globe. So it is high time to check what the most sought-after solutions are in Canada. Onwards!

New Era vs. New Research Means

What is the qualitative tool that helps define how distinguished this or that gaming option is? The right answer is obvious nowadays — it’s Twitter. Thanks to the quality of Tweet volumes, it is much easier to differentiate leagues that are really in demand among the target audience and those that are just well-advertised. According to the results achieved, the top-ranked Canadian esports are Call of Duty and Overwatch. Global champions are also included in the list, but the League of Legends hasn’t managed to win the bronze medal — at the moment, it is placed fourth.

Over time, social media have become a major power supporting the implementation of esports in enthusiasts’ everyday life. Compared to the number of tweets on esports in 2019, the results of 2021 have already surpassed those by a whopping seventy-five percent increase.

The ranking of esports popularity also has a deep impact on the average and entrepreneur sponsorship. If considering amateur donations and searches for fun by bettors, CS GO skins betting will be less popularized in Canada than its competitors like Overwatch and Call of Duty. That means the prize pools of the latter are also more favorable in local niche bookmakers. The same simple truth is valid for odds as well. On the contrary, these differences don’t prevent customers from experiencing the benefits of gambling, whatever activity they prefer.

Top-Notch Esports Leagues in Canada

Being a separate player, participating in matches with random gamers is absolutely different from working with the same team to achieve the desired goal. The way leagues make enthusiasts prepare for the battle and take to the end zone without losses and in the most efficient way possible. Just witnessing their progress increases your awareness of the field and assists in setting the right accents:

       League of Legends European Championship — simply known as LEC, they may not be as popular as Overwatch or Call of Duty leagues, but they are pretty proactive and successful. Last time, the team from Spain was crowned as the tournament’s champions. Though not the most popular but still in the top 5, this league has a high chance to attract more professional Canadian players and change their results for the better. At the moment, MAD Lions are a good example of cooperation and persistence in performance.

       Call of Duty League - the franchise team that represents their nation’s fame and glory is Toronto Ultra. Their path isn’t deprived of falls and downs, but they keep up and don’t plan to give up. If you are interested in how Canadians cooperate when playing esports, then this is a great chance to check that. Among the famous participants, there are MettalZ, Classic, Cammy, Loony, and Methodz.

       Overwatch League — here is another esports league that shares the highest number of tweets in Canada. It is still alive and active, with Toronto Defiant as one of the best Canadian professional elite squads in this universe.

Wrap It Up

Looking for new releases and updates? Twitter is a good source of breaking news even if the esports championship is under consideration. Anyways, it is just another means to prove Canada is highly interested in showing off the skills of its local players in the industry. Time will tell if the previously emphasized solutions will manage to remain the leaders or those who are lagging behind now will change the game.