Most popular poker applications

A new exciting feature in poker - the poker app

1. Poker app

Poker apps have been evolving in a fast pace in the recent years. They are easily reachable both via iOS or Android based mobiles. Top poker apps can give you the feeling of playing in front of your desktop. Your mobile can fit into your pocket therefore, you can play literally anywhere you want. Of course, you can play real money poker with lot of poker site’s apps as well. But only a few real money poker applications are available on the market. These apps are running only on mobile, with no other desktop or browser versions that make the game very soft!

2. Pool of poker apps

Despite the fact that poker apps are relatively modern there are quite a lot of options you can choose from to play on your mobile. As I mentioned both mobile platforms (iOS and Android) are supported by most of the poker apps. It can be very tempting and seemingly easy to get some extra cash as there are quite a lot of newcomers playing through poker apps – not so many professional player who you should beat to get the pot. There are some factors (welcome bonus, types of poker available, rake) you need to consider prior to choose a poker app in order to get the best poker experience on your mobile.

3. KKPoker

One of the most popular poker apps is KKpoker.

KKpoker is a quite new real money poker app. It pays much attention to keep your personal data safe while you play. Nowadays it is a really important factor among players and essential to be provided. KKPoker offers quite a wide range of poker types (e.g. Hold’Em, PLO, PLO5, MTT, S’n’G). Recetly, it became very popular especially in Asia.

Unlike other poker apps, KKPoker is authorized by the Isle of Man Gaming Authority. Moreover, probably the best feature of KKPoker is that it does not require an intermediary for the cash-in and cash-out which gives a security and popularity boost to it. It provides the possibility to play multiple tables simultaneously.

Another important factor is the bonuses. KKPoker has a bonus of 200% up to $1,000. The minimum deposit you can pay is $20. There is a rakeback which is 10% however, if you create an account through you will be entitled to have a 30% rakeback once you verified your account.

Let’s play.