The most resounding victories in the history of poker tournaments

Most professional poker players aim to play poker not only for entertainment purposes but for the further goal of leading to tournaments and valuable prizes.

Everyone knows how many poker tournaments in the world are held every year and possess a huge prize system, so professional poker players always think that is their final destination. have to visit. Regardless of the game in the poker system, Texas Hold'em or Omaha poker, professional poker players try to play smoothly and accumulate experience and tactics to be able to improve. chance to win. If you are also a person interested in this game, do you know, that in the history of poker, there are any big wins? And who do those victories call the champion? Let's find out in the article below.

Antonio Esfandiari

When it comes to the historic victory of every poker tournament, everyone will surely have the same answer, which is the victory of Antonio Esfandiari. The most famous wizard in the poker world is Esfandiari. He doesn't seem to know the taste of defeat, almost all tournaments have the presence of a Chinese poker player, the attack power of other opponents is disabled. Esfandiari's career peaked around the age of 30, when he consecutively topped the major domestic and international poker tournaments, and the victory marked a major turning point in his career as well as in the world. Esfandiari's life, that's over $18 million he received from WSOP 2012. His net worth is estimated to have exceeded $30 million, all thanks to his poker talent alone. his superiority.

Daniel Colman

Online poker players are all too familiar with the name Daniel Colman, but with live poker venues, his name is still in the air. Having completely dominated the online poker market, Daniel Colman has officially joined the live poker scene, where he quickly becomes the most feared opponent for other professional poker players. . Colman's victory deserves to be recorded in poker history when in 2014 he won more than 15 million dollars at The big One for One Drop. This huge number makes Colman's name cover the poker world both nationally and internationally, putting his position on the world stage and hardly anyone can replace that position.

Elton Tsang

Elton Tsang's life really turned a new page when he returned to Hong Kong after living and working in Canada to officially join the country's most expensive entertainment industry - casino industry. Since that time, the name of this Hong Kong-born boy has been continuously known and admired by poker players. He is the representative of professional poker players in Asia, and also the pride of the continent when he won more than 12 million dollars thanks to the Monte-Carlo One Drop Extravaganza tournament in 2016.

These famous poker players have become the most prominent names in the poker world when possessing the most valuable prizes, until now, they are still the five record holders who can break those records.