New Phil Ivey Song - Dice Dice Baby

Everyone's favorite poker song creator SrslySirius has put together yet another fabulous poker anthem, this time featuring Phil Ivey.
The song is titled 'Dice Dice Baby' and revolves around Ivey's gambling habits and more. It is a must-see for every poker player out there, so here you go:
And here are the lyrics: 
Yo Ivey! That’s your last marker boyyyeeeee!
Yo FTP. Let’s ship it!

Dice dice baby.
Dice dice baby.

All right stop.
Deregulate, we’re MISSIN’
Ivey’s back, with a gamblin’ ADDICTION
Dicey, the floor always invites me
Throwin’ like TJ, daily and nightly

WILL WE GET OUR FUNDS? Yo, I don’t know
Shut off the site, and I’ll go
Leavin’ the scene, I’m bettin’ Mike gonna ramble
Players enraged, I betta block out the scandal


Go write another list, foo
I don’t wanna be on your cover in full view

THEN LEAVE I’m gettin’ action from Chan and Guy
In the U.S. get arrested for felony
Love it or leave it
I’m gonna get PAID
I’m not gonna fold
When the board runs SPADES

Think I have a problem?
Yo, I’m solvent
Check out the ‘book while the dealer revolves it

Dice dice baby.
Dice dice baby.
Dice dice baby.
Dice dice baby.

Sue me.
Chestnoff’s on retainer.
Canned Michelle Clayborne, that’s a no-brainer.

Split me.
Divorce wasn’t pretty.
Now I owe markers all over the city.

Namesake at Aria, can’t even play there.
Laugh while Lucietta tries to cash checks from Tiltware.

At the WSOP, I’m gone.
You kids want a refund, ask your boy Dwan.

Fade ya.
Hidin’ out in Australia.
Pledge allegience to the US of Asia.

Still takin’ my action.
Subject Noah needs to write a retraction.

Nerdy white boy with the goofy-ass parodies:
Get off my nuts, go write songs about Barry G.

It’s my favorite past time.
Left all your bankrolls back on the pass line.