No Money Heads Up, Everyone is Solid

Has it really gotten impossible to win money by playing heads up? Crazychips has started a topic at the TwoPlusTwo forums with the title ‘No Money Heads Up, Everyone is Solid’. He is mainly complaining about having played small stakes NLHE for the past four years, with barely any profit. He claims that the heads up field and player base is pretty solid, with almost no fish at all.

As always, a few members of the TwoPlusTwo community chose to react to this post in a quite creative way. I have selected some of the funniest ones. Enjoy!

This first one is a short music clip made by IheardJoeblows:


Fortunately, the video made by rongwrong, featuring Hitler, has not yet been deleted from the net by the Constantin Film:


Two Bombay TV videos by Filthyvermin:

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This next image was posted by chinz:

No money heads up, everyone's solid


This is what Alexdered commented on the issue:

No money heads up, everyone's solid


AlaskaForever has played around with Photoshop too:

No money heads up, everyone's solid


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