One Benefit of Being a Poker Player

Spending my time watching videos on YouTube on the weekend, I once again realized how good and soothing it can be if all you have to do is to play poker.

At home.

The video that triggered this thread of thought in my head was this one:

These poor Japanese businessmen (and women) are hustled onto these trains several times every single day during rush hours. If someone or something doesn’t seem to fit in, the metro staff appears and helps pushing them on the already overloaded trains.

Of course, this system works with the Japanese, as they are probably the only people on this planet that are orderly enough to tolerate and control this kind of traffic, but I (because I do have a choice) would prefer working from the warmth of my home, far from the troubles of crowds and mass transportation.

And by playing poker, this is not at all impossible. Moreover, it is pretty evident that poker players don’t have to go to offices every day, which already makes it sound like the job of your dreams.

Especially if you live at a place like this one, for example (of course, this specific place is reserved for my humble self to retire to after a few happy poker years ):

Nice View
Here, you will not have to worry about being pushed on trains