Patrik Antonius Pulls Himself Out Of the Gutter

What a year it has been for the Finnish high stakes poker professional Patrik Antonius. Not many of us could say we would have kept our cool and to continue playing after having a rough downswing period as Patrik went through. At the start of the year he was like a skinning ship and nothing was working out right for him.

With over $3 million dollars down Patrik was in trouble but with his strong perseverance he managed to turn this around and even post a small profit in just two months.

Patrik Antonius - Pulls Himself Out Of the Gutter

In this month’s issue of CardPlayer magazine there is an in-depth interview with Patrik Antonius where you can read about these pass couple of months and his future outlooks to getting back on track. Patrik also talks about ways to relieve your stress and the top competition out there he faces.

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