Patrik Antonius wins big at Partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Germany

The series kicked off this week, featuring 8 events, with over €12.5 million in guaranteed prizes. The first event was the €25k High Roller.

The tournament generated a total of 51 entries, creating a prize pool of €1,211,250. Several high-profile players showed up to play with the likes of the owner of King's Casino, Leon Tsoukernik, high-roller phenom, Steffen Sontheimer or Partypoker Ambassador, Patrick Leonard.

However, only 7 of the participants made the money, with Dominik Nitsche making the mincash of €60,000 at 7th place. The six remaining players decided to play down to the winner, so the action continued. Q Q Q Q

Dominik was followed by fellow German, Dietrich Fast, who busted at 6th place. Dietrich lost his remaining chips after shoving with K2 on the button against the 88 of Renato Nowak's in the big blind. The board ran out clean and Nowak collected the pot while Fast was quick to leave the table to pick up his €75,000 at the cage.

The next player out was high-roller regular, Steve O'Dwyer, who ran into pocket kings against Stefan Schillhabel with ♦A♦J. Although Steve flopped some additional outs in form of a gut-shot straight draw, he couldn't manage to catch any of his outs and were sent to the rail. He earned €100,000 for finishing 5th.

The hunter became the prey later, as Schillhabel was out in fourth place after losing a coin flip against Partypoker Ambassador, Joao Simao.

Stefan: 7d 7c
Joao: Ah Th

Board: Jc Tc 9d 6s 3h

Stefan cashed for €125,000.

After this, Joao started to extend his lead over his two opponents. He held more than 20 million in chips, while Patrik and Renato both had around 15 million. After some back and forth it was Nowak, who crippled thanks to a huge pot against Simao. The two were all-in on the flop.

Simao: Kc Qd
Nowak: Ks 3s

Board: As Jd Ts 3h Jh

Even though Renato managed to triple up shortly after, he was unable to recover his losses and finally busted in 3rd place for €175,000.

The heads-up play started with Joao holding a 3-to-1 chip lead over Antonius. However, the seasoned pro managed to turn the table around and thanks to some big pots going his way, he took the lead. In the final hand, Patrik called from the button and called the 1.9 million raise of Joao's. He called the 1.2 million continuation bet on the 3♦A♥J flop. The Brazilian continued with a 2.3 bet on the T turn, which his opponent called again. The ♦K hit the river and Joao decided to move in. Patrik snap-called.

Joao: Kc Kh
Patrik: Qd Jc

While Joao made a set on the river, Patrik hit the nuts. The Finnish legend took down the event for €425,000, while his opponent earned €251,250 for finishing 2nd.

Place    Player Country Prize
1 Patrik Antonius Finland €425,000
2 Joao Simao Brazil €251,250
3 Renato Nowak Germany €175,000
4 Stefan Schillhabel Germany €125,000
5 Steve O’Dwyer Ireland €100,000
6 Dietrich Fast Germany €75,000
7 Dominik Nitsche Germany €60,000


The €25K High Roller is over, but the €50K Super-High Roller is still in play with only 3 players, follow the action live here!