Phil Galfond to play HU PLO against Bill Perkins

The poker pro turned businessman and the businessman turned poker enthusiast will play a high-stakes challenge with eight figures at stake!

High-stakes PLO specialist turned successful business owner, Phil Galfond has recently issued a challenge to the world in an attempt to promote his online poker room, Run It Once.

According to the original terms, Phil would play anyone - except for the coaches at his poker training site -, in the form of heads-up PLO cash games for 50,000 hands with a massive bet on the side.

In a recent blog post, Galfond explained what he was looking for:

  • Prefer 100/200 through 300/600 PLO.
  • Will consider as low as 25/50
  • Will consider PLO/NL, PLO / limit games, and perhaps even straight NL if I get desperate enough!
  • Strongly prefer play on Run It Once Poker, but would consider some or all of the match played elsewhere if necessary.
  • You accept that I might make training content around the match and/or stream some of the match.
  • Any opponent who would stream some of the match (on RIO Poker) will get preference and possibly better terms.

Billionaire trader, Bill Perkins was amongst the first players to show interest, and the two managed to come to an agreement since then.

Phil took to Twitter to announce the high-stakes battle.

Galfond will play against Bill and the members of his Twitch team, the Thirst Lounge. The challenge ends if either they play 50,000 hands or one of the parties loses $400,000.

If Phil loses he'll owe Perkins $800,000, while if he beats them, he'll receive $200,000 from Perkins. According to a picture, Phil posted on Twitter, there are several other challenges in the works, so we're likely to see some exciting PLO matches in the upcoming future.

In this video, Galfond also said he has two other challenges confirm, although he didn't disclose who the challengers are. He also mentioned that Linus 'LlinusLlove' Löliger also reached out to him to discuss a potential match, but they haven't come to an agreement yet.