Phil Ivey, the WSOP and His Bracelet Bets

The Full Tilt Poker Channel has just made a video interview with Phil Ivey, in which he shares his opinion on the WSOP, his performance at the tournaments and Las Vegas in general.

Phil was not very keen to talk about his bracelet bets, which have been attracting a lot of attention since the start of the WSOP. What he did tell, though, is that he didn’t bet against anyone except one person, whose identity remains a mystery.  

Rumors and speculations, however, are widespread and include million-dollar bets with other pros like Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu.

During a break in one of the events, Negreanu made the following comments concerning his bracelet bets with Ivey:
"We have a bet standing. Last year I beat him for $200,000 winning a bracelet, and we have $200,000 on every bracelet. So he won that, but I also have bets on him in my fantasy stuff, he's my first pick. So I lost $200,000 but I won pretty close to that back anyway."

Phil looks pretty worn out in the video, which is no wonder, considering his participation in almost all events and many cash games, but he promised to get some sleep before the start of the Main Event. We will soon see how he succeeded.