The Pinocchios of Poker

There is nothing better than winning the pot with a weaker hand and letting your poker face intimidate your opponent into thinking you are the strongest. I have collected five of the most memorable bluffs in this compilation to make you think next time you fold. It’s undoubtable that it is a pleasure to win the pot with Aces, but if you can do it with 7-2 off-suit, that’s skill. 

The bluff is essential in any poker game and is a deadly weapon once mastered. It takes years and great control over emotions to master a great bluff. In order to be able to build your stack without a good hand, most good players abide by these guidelines:

  • Choice of opponent
  • Perfect timing
  • A good read
  • Exact bet amounts
  • Consequent aggressivity

It’s these spectacular gameplays (bluffs) that draw the attention to poker and make it one of the most popular games of our time.
Let’s now get into it and watch Pinocchio’s nose grow!

Mike Ngo started the pre-flop action by betting his pocket fours against Phil Tran, who was holding two Aces. Ngo checked on the mediocre flop and Tran delivered his performance.

Here’s a real classic: when Paul ’ActionJack’ Jackson meets Phil Ivey heads-up. Jackson holds 56 off-suit, Phil has Q8 suited and the flop comes 7JJ. The two aggressors don’t need anything else, they jump to each other’s throat straight away.

JC Tran shows a stunning hero fold against Tom ’durrrr’ Dwan on the river. No comment... He pulled it off! 

Next we have Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow with a mammuth duel on High Stakes Poker. During the light conversation they both get premium hands. Mike holds a pair of Kings and Phil has 72 off-suit. Check the video to see the outcome!

Patrik Antonius and durrrr did not only clash on Full Tilt Poker, but also their swords were drawn on High Stakes Poker. In the following hand, durrrr gets a pair of Jacks from the dealer, which gradually gets weaker upon the flop, but still outdoes Antonius’s T6 by miles...

Of course, my compilation is only a small ripple in the pond of bluffs. I eagerly await your own most memorable bluffs and opinion on the ones I have showcased.

Remember to keep your pokerface!