The Players Who Have Won the Most World Series of Poker Bracelets

World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the biggest and most prestigious live poker tournament series. It is organised every year and is held in the glitter strip of Las Vegas. As you may of you already know, if you win a tournament in the Series, you have the privilege to receive an elite bracelet. Maybe one of the biggest accomplishments of a poker player’s career is to win a bracelet. Some professional poker players believe that there are two types of poker players; those who have won a bracelet and those who have not.

As of 2010 the majority of the bracelets have been won by the one and only tilting king, Phil Hellmuth. Johnny Chan, who also appeared in the cultic Poker Faces movie, has secured himself and impressive 10 bracelets. Johnny Chan, also known as the grandpa of all poker players had 2 of his collection of 10 bracelets earned by winning Main Events.

WSOP Bracelet Winners

In this day and age it is definitely harder to win a WSOP bracelet than it was in the past. Although players these days do have a bigger selection of events to increase their chances of securing a bracelet, the growth in the field of poker players competing in these events has minimized the chances of winning compared to the past. 

Many now question the aura that surrounds the bracelets asking if they really entitle a player to the status of elite. With the combination of the luck factor and that some players have been playing for decades and others just for years, a bracelet seems not to be the best factor to judge the qualities/skills of a poker player.

At you can rate the players who have won 3 or more WSOP bracelets. What is your list?