Poker Night at the Inventory

Always wanted to know what would it be like to play poker with The Heavy, Tycho, Max, and Strong Bad?

Well, I haven't. But seemingly Telltale Games thought that there are a lot of gamers out there who won't miss out a chance to bluff the Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2 to see if they can survive his good friend Sasha, the minigun.

poker game

Not much is clear what kind of game will it be, but I'm curious what the developers are up to and a what a single-player poker game can offer with just 4 playable characters.

If you are interested though, you can have a first look on the game this weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo at the Telltale booth, or pre-order the game from the developers website now, for $4.95 (What can you expect from a $5 game anyway???)