Poker Tournaments in Europe in Comparison with Poker Tournaments in America

 Millions of people around the world visit casinos to access their favorite games and increase their chances of winning.

Some use their devices to visit popular online casino sites to play their games and enjoy the best bonus offers. One of the most loved casino games is poker. Poker is a simple and standardized game worldwide. While there might be a few differences depending on the country, the rules are the same.

If you’ve ever attended poker tournaments in Europe and America, you may have noticed that there a few differences. If you didn’t, you’ll be surprised to hear what we discovered. Let’s get started!

1. Poker room vs Hotel

In most cases, at poker events held in the United States, players congregate at the tables, disperse during short breaks and head off when the event ends in the evening. In short, they only meet when it’s time to play. When they are done, they leave.

European poker events are quite different. Poker players usually stay in the same hotel. And this creates an opportunity for them to interact and get to know each other away from the gaming tables. They also interact during meal times, parties, in fitness rooms, or at the pool. European poker fields tend to be smaller than those in America. And this creates an intimate atmosphere.

2. Currency

In the US, it’s their currency or the highway. If you are visiting an American poker event, you have to exchange your local currency for dollars before arriving at the tournament.

On the other hand, Europe is made up of nineteen countries which use the euro. There are an additional nine countries that have retained their currency and are still members of the EU. Since players from Europe and other parts of the world converge at such events, the venues are usually filled with a wide range of currencies. This ensures that all manner of cash transactions and exchanges are facilitated to access Canadian online poker for real money games and other table titles easily and quickly.

If you don’t have enough local currency to place bets and play, you can easily purchase chips using your home currency and cash in for the same exchange rate assuming you have won or had any left. You’ll be notified of the tax cut on the amount you are exchanging plus your winnings. If you are planning to play multiple times, you should consider cashing out after your final game to avoid unnecessary expenses.

3. Languages

The standard language used in American poker tournaments is English because it’s very hard to have multiple players at the same table who don’t speak English. In Europe especially in poker online casino in the Netherlands, it’s the exact opposite. As we said earlier, European poker tournaments attract all kinds of players around the world. And most of these people don’t speak English regularly. While this can be frustrating for someone who speaks English alone, it helps people interact and get to know a few words at the end of the day.

4. Tipping

One of the topics that usually ignites passionate debates among American gamblers is tipping and how much is enough. In the United States, tipping is common. At the gaming tables, those who don’t leave a dealer with a few bucks may end up hurting themselves in the long run. Those who win loads of cash give away a percentage of their winnings to the staff and dealer.

In Europe, tips are optional. A dealer can operate without receiving any tips for hours. And no one will care including the dealer. If you are from America, people might stare at you in confusion when you tip the dealer. The best online gambling sites in Pennsylvania have no social pressure, especially for winners.

5. Player parties

In the United States, player parties are hard to come by at poker events. This is usually the case because casinos tend to run most gambling events. On the other hand, Europe usually offers multiple player parties to make the tournament more of festivity. In Europe, it’s not just about money but also fun.


Now that you know the differences between American and European poker tournaments, it’s going to be easy to make an informed decision that will enable you to have fun and win big.