Popular Superstitions by Card Players

Card games go back a long time. For that reason, it’s hardly a shock to learn that there are a lot of superstitions among card players!

Before you play your hand here, you may be interested to learn about some of these superstitions.

In fact, you may have actually heard of some of these superstitions before, especially if you play cards yourself. With that in mind, here are some of the popular superstitions by card players that you have to know.

Never Use Fifties

You’d think in a game that involves betting that any money would be fine, right? Well, that’s not true. Players want to win money of course, but fifty dollar bills are a total no-no. Instead of 50 dollar bills, players will usually put in two twenties and a ten. This may seem like a strange superstition, but it’s rooted in history. There are a few theories behind why this is a thing, but here’s one eerie one. There’s actually a theory that there’s a mob in Vegas that would bury their victims. These victims would then be found with a $50 note in the pocket of their jacket.

So, keep those 50 dollar bills out of the casino if you know what’s good for you!

No Left Hands

Who would have thought that the hand that you use could be so important when playing with cards? If you use your left hand at the poker table, or any card game table for that matter, you’d better watch your back. It is widely believed that using the left hand is a rude behavior, and if you do it then you may be smited by the gods. That’s not a wrath that anyone wants to experience! It’s better to play it safe and just use the right instead.

Don’t Whistle While You Work

Sure, if you want to work down in the mines with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, whistle to your heart’s content. Take the whistling outside, not in the casino. There’s a Chinese superstition that dictates that you are not allowed to whistle, sing or drop any cards at the table. If you do any of these actions, you’re basically being rude to the gods and these gods get pretty angry. You can expect punishment from doing this! Avoid bad luck and keep those lips shut as you play your hand.

Don’t Count Your Winnings at the Table

Back in the days, counting your winnings at the table was considered a bad omen. Just listen to Kenny Rogers - he knows what he’s talking about! Of course, this idea is largely outdated these days, so most people ignore it, preferring instead to know what they have available to them. If you’re playing online then there’s no need to worry about this one. Phew, it’s good to know that you’re safe!

Don’t Sit With Your Legs Crossed

What do your legs have to do with a card game? A lot, apparently. One particular superstition dictates that a player cannot sit with their legs crossed when they play a game of poker. There’s actually a little bit of logic to this one though, at least. While it isn’t fully understood why this tradition exists, one theory is that you feel more relaxed when you are cross legged, meaning you may be more likely to let your guard down when you’re playing. A lapse in judgement can be detrimental while playing cards, so it’s better to sit without your legs crossed if you can!

Wear the Same Clothes

You’ll be happy not to do the laundry, but make sure that you take a shower when you get back from the casino! Some superstitions say that wearing the same clothes when playing poker can be lucky. Some people never wash their shirts that they wear to poker tournaments. Hey, whatever helps you win, right? Just have some cologne on hand.