Project Natal - The Next Generation for Xbox 360

Project Natal which is the code name for the new sensor for the Xbox 360 enables full-body motion to be used as a controller. Designed by Microsoft, Project Natal will be an add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 and is said to not require any additional hardware upgrades to existing 360 consoles.

Originally announced in 1st of June 2009 at the 2009 E3 convention, Project Natal has still not yet got a confirmed release date. Many predict it will be launched sometime in October or before Christmas 2010. As far as the cost go, this is still a shady area as well and rough estimates on the internet seem to be around $100 to $200 USD because at the end of the day it is just an add-on to the 360 console.

Project Natal seems like a pretty cool way to make game play a more interactive experience and will for sure stop you becoming a couch potato. Other consoles such as the Nintendo Wii who have already been cashing in on interactive games, suggest that Microsoft has become aware of this and it is now time they made a move.

At first glance of Project Natal it looks, I must say, very impressed and I would have to say Microsoft might be on a winner here. Project Natal opens a new dimension of game play for Xbox 360 users and is a must to have if you own a 360 console.

What are your thoughts on Project Natal? Would you buy one?