PSC Monte Carlo Main Event Ends with Heads-up Deal

727 entered the race for a piece of the €3,525,950 prize pool at the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. Italian regular Raffaele Sorrentino ended up topping the field after making a deal with runner-up Andreas Klatt, and took home €466,714.

Day 6 brought about the final table at the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo Main Event, with six players still up for the first prize at the €5,300 buy-in event.

French player Michael Kolkowicz started with the chip lead, sitting down with 4.6 million chips in front of him on a 50,000/100,000-10,000 blind level, but those 46 BBs only lasted long enough to get him to the 5th position -  even after he knocked out shortstack Diego Zeiter early at the final table.

Two Russian players, Maxim Panyak and Andrey Bodnar were next in line to be eliminated: they pocketed €199,900 and €€271,500, respectively.

When it got down to two players, Sorrentino immediately offered a deal to his opponent, Klatt and the two players quickly came to an agreement: since Sorrentino had more than twice as many chips he got €451,714 before a single hand was dealt heads-up, while Klatt's end of the deal earned him €402.786. €15,000 was left in the middle to play for which went to Raffaele Sorrentino after Klatt shoved with pocket Queens and Sorrentino made an easy call with pocket Aces. No Queen (nor flush, straight or any other help for Klatt) on the board meant the total winnings of Sorrentino at this event went up to €466,714.

"I'm very happy, it's a dream come true. I was thinking about this one week ago. Every day, I got more and more close" - said the admittedly tired winner after the tournament.