PS's "Power Up" Game Made Available for Play Money

As we reported it, PokerStars is testing their new product the "Power Up" poker game. Now, the room has announced that they're making Power Up available in some markets for play money tables.

Power Up entered its alpha testing stage back in February - a selection of US players experimented with the new game. Recently, however, more people get to experience this quirky version of Texas Hold'em as the has been made accessable for players in certain .COM/EU markets for a limited time and on the global play money site PokerStars.NET.

“This is a Limited Access Alpha and is part of our planned development roadmap and strategy,” PS representatives told Poker Industry PRO. “At this stage it is very much in testing phase.”

Controversially the new PokerStars game is very much, maybe even too much akin to HoldemX, a game developed by the Global Poker Index team - both of those poker types have added special cards that can effect the hand in various special ways. The Holdem X developers were not involved in making the Power Up game.

Below you can watch almost an hour of gameplay footage of the new Power Up game narrated by a German player.