A Record Number of Participants at the WSOP Seniors’ Event

The WSOP Event #34 – ($1,000 Seniors’ No-Limit Hold’em) has broken all previous records concerning the number of participants. An astonishing 3,148 players took part in this tournament. This might prove all the players that prophesize the end of live poker wrong.

It is funny that Russ Hamilton was found in the form of a $5 memorandum chip from Palace Station 'The Seniors' Poker Player Hall of Fame, eventually won in a splash pot by Jack Ward:

Russ<br />

Russ Hamilton allegedly played quite an important role in the UB cheating scandal. Russ Hamilton pulled the strings to develop a super-user 'tool' that cheated friends, associates, and UltimateBet customers out of millions of dollars.

The tournament ended at around 1 AM on the 21st June, with Harold Angle winning the $487,994 first prize. The top ten finishers can be seen below:

1. Harold Angle - $487,994
2. Michael Minetti - $301,839
3. John Woo - $213,612
4. Eric Stemp - $154,624
5. Daniel Camillo - $113,225
6. Preston Derden - $83,872
7. Jack Ward - $62,833
8. Carlos Pianelli - $47,591
9. Jay Hong - $36,450
10. Edward Weiss - $28,221