Rob Yong and Joe Ingram downgrade PokerStars

In the latest episode of Joey's Poker Life Podcast, the two rated the different poker sites, they think PokerStars is the worst.

It's always fascinating when a heavyweight of poker Youtube and a heavyweight of the poker industry have an in-depth conversation about the poker world. This is precisely what happened in the latest episode of Joe Ingram's popular podcast, the Poker Life Podcast.

ChicagoJoey and partypoker's strong man, Rob Yong, touched on several interesting topics, and they didn't shy away from expressing their honest opinions regardless of the question.

Yong explained why he recently stated that re-entries would kill the poker ecosystem in the long run. They also chatted about the upcoming WSOP 2020 Online, where he also will play for real money and then moved to the discussion's spiciest part. Yong and Ingram rated the different poker operators, including PokerStars and GGPoker, and they agreed on PokerStars being the worst of them all. Do you think they're right?

See the full episode here: