Ryan Fee’s NL 6 Max Strategy Guide (ebook)

Do you want to improve your poker? Are you a cash game player? So I really recomend you Ryan Fee’s NL 6 Max Strategy Guide. It is totally free.

Free poker ebook

The ebook covers small and mid stakes online 6 max ring games. The focus of this ebook will be the progression of a hand through preflop, flop, turn, and river. And it is really detailed. Covers issues like continuation betting, donk betting, floating, double and triple barreling and check-raising.

Besides preflop and postflop play analysis, the book also covers other issues like table selection, multitabling and a lot of other important issues.

If I want to summarize, Ryan Fee prevails in details his poker strategy in this ebook, and believe me, he is a damn good player. He pursue poker full-time and progressed from the smallest limits to 10/20 in just a few years.

Download the ebook here