The scandal of the year? Doug Polk vs JNandez

After a painful breakup in January, things have once again got heated including some serious allegations and possible lawsuits.

Fernando "JNandez87" Habbeger is a mid-high-stakes pot limit Omaha player and coach, who has been a winning player for several years. He started to stream his game last year, planning to go big in the Twitch/Youtube scene and potentially founding a coaching business.

Doug "WCGRider" Polk is a much better-known member of the poker community. He used to be one of the best heads-up NLHE players, battling it out on the highest stakes against the likes of Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky, Daniel "Jungleman12" Cates and other high-profile pros. Similarly to Habbeger, Polk also decided to step away from the game a few years ago, concentrating on his social media presence, building his own coaching site - with the friend and fellow pro Ryan Fee and Matt Colleda - Upswingpoker.

The site has been a big success since then, they managed to become one of the leading training sites on the market. Since things were going great at Upswing, they decided to start creating PLO content as well. As Polk and his partners are NLHE specialist, they needed someone who can be their head-coach, content-creator. They approached "JNandez" and the parties came to the agreement.

They started working together last year, but after a couple of months, Fernando suddenly decided to part ways with Upswing. Even though there was some tension between Doug/Upswing and the Swiss, things calmed down, "JNandez" started operating his new coaching business, while Upswing remained one of the leading players of the industry.

However, Doug Polk just recently uploaded a video to his Youtube-channel, followed by a few tweets, in which he slurred "JScamdez" - as he put it - for refusing to pay for promotion scarves knitted by an elderly lady for Jnandezpoker.

It seems like this was the last straw for Fernando, as he responded in a long video, addressing his relationship with Doug, Upswing and Joe "ChicagoJoey" Ingram, with some serious allegations.

Of course, Doug Polk is not one to step away from controversy, he uploaded a 35-minute long video to his channel, where he responded to Fernando's claims, with Paypal and bank transfers.

It looks like Fernando was not satisfied with these explanations as he also responded to the response with another video, where he was apparently emotional and challenged Doug Polk to a box-match for $50,000!

In yet another video on the subject, Doug quickly refused to accept the challenge and talked once again about the case with his buddy and fellow Youtuber, Joe Ingram - who also got dragged into the scandal.

We're yet to see if they can settle the huge conflict. Who do you think is right here? Let us know in the comments!