Sick cooler creates the largest pot in Live at the Bike!

Nut full-house versus quads are probably the worst coolers in poker, and also the most expensive. Watch the full hand here!

The Live at the Bike show has quickly become one of the most popular poker shows out there, with tens of thousands of fans watching each episode online. Regulars of the game like Garrett "GMan" Adelstein, Art Papayas or Dan Zack face well-known guests with the likes of Matt Berkey, Dan Shak or Jeremy Kaufman.

The healthy mixture of pros and recreationals, quiet and loud characters make the games so enjoyable to watch. The LATB also built up several people, thanks to the interviews and background stories.

In the latest episode regular of the game and one of the best grinders of the LA poker scene, Andy was in a big hand against a player named Jack and his full house cost him a fortune against quads.

Many think this is the ultimate cooler, while there are some people, who think Andy could have avoided the disaster.

Bart Hanson on Twitter

After rewatching this hand many times, as crazy as it sounds, I think the play may be to check back this river. Jackie bet-3bet the turn over Andy's raise.

What do you think about Andy's play on the river? Let us know in the comments!