A Side Bet with a Challenge (or not)

After a few heavy nights in San Diego, poker pros Antonio Esfandiari and Brian ‘tsarrast’ Rast decided in the spear of the moment to make a bet: they will not drink a single drop of alcohol until the end of the WSOP 2010. They later amended the conditions after their hangovers had passed to include six break days throughout the time, where they can binge as much as they want.

The WSOP golden bracelet owner Esfandiari and the online pro Rast are both well-known in the poker society for their party boy reputation and are both said to enjoy the company of nice girls, booze and poker. As the WSOP moves in closer, preparation for the three months dry spell began.

"On one of the days we chartered a yacht in San Diego and took a bunch of girls out to sea. We had a DJ, endless booze, it was AMAZING. I got so wrecked that I made a 3 month no drinking bet with Brian Rast starting this Monday - you know how when you get all messed up and you think to yourself what am I doing with my life?! Well...I got there and decided if I took a 3 month break from partying I could accomplish a lot more. 3 months - 30k (we both have same bet so chances are there will be no winner) and we do get 6 passes throughout - which I think is pretty reasonable. Wish me luck!" - this is what Antonio Esfandiari said about the issue in a recent blog post.

Although the amount of money on stake would be horrific for the average person to lose in a simple bet like this, these guys will not lose sleep over it.
Antonio is also adding fuel to the fire by giving his trainer a $10,000 freeroll on top of the bet. This is what he said about his diet in a recent post:
 "This morning I woke up to a protein shake and a NASTY plate of oatmeal, no sugar, no honey, nothing just dry bland oatmeal. Yuck," the poker pro writes.

As we can see from what Antonio and Brian are putting together with the $10K offered to the trainer only, money is obviously no object for these guys, and the amount of money at risk would probably be the diet Coke for an average citizen.

Also considering the time frame of the bet, it will not put the guys through an intense challenge either, considering that the six free days make it possible for them to get their fix and go gangbusters every two weeks or so.

Do you think you could handle the challenge? Or is it a challenge at all?