Still in the Game After a Century - A 106 Year Old Poker Player

I was just browsing the net yesterday when I stumbled across an intriguing and inspiring video of a 106 year old man who still enjoys the occasional poker game.

Ruben Hopper from Pawnee Country, Oklahoma, was born on August 13th 1903 and was raised on a farm being one of 17 children.

In 1924 Ruben married his school sweat hart Velma Jones and together managed to raise 12 children on their farm. After Velma’s death at the age of 98 just a few years ago, Ruben continued to live by himself independently on the farm.

Ruben who is regularly visit by his sons Bot and Ron still enjoys passing the time with them playing small limit poker. "I like draw, stud, seven-card,” he said, "but I never went in for big games — I don’t like the big stuff — and not casinos.” told Ruben Hoper.  

Ruben Hopper who has seen a half century pass him and has work hard not only on the land but also raising his 12 children and is still enjoying every day of life, has defiantly played his cards right.

This report was made by The Oklahoman. If you want to hear more about Ruben Hopper, watch this video, where he talks about his life and life philosohy: