Tom Dwan loses the biggest pot in televised poker history

Even though Tom is no stranger to nosebleed stakes, losing this massive pot apparently hurt him a lot.

The latest edition of the Triton Poker Super High Roller Cash Game in Jeju was massive is at is usual, when high-stakes players sit down with wealthy businessmen. Top players like Jason Koon, Dominik Nitsche or Patrik Antonius were all amongst the participants and they witnessed a hand which started with a live straddle by Paul Phua.

The stakes were already sky-high, with the blinds of ₩3M/6M (about $2,600/$5,200) but the live straddle made it even bigger. Phua found himself in a dream spot when he looked down to his pocket rockets from the live straddle after a raise from Nitsche and a re-raise from Dwan. He then decided to put some more chips in, putting Dwan in an extremely tough spot.

See the entire hand below: