The Tourminator, the new poker superstar

Fame in the poker world is not only for high stakes players, as we can see with the new cash game superstar, who plays on NL2. The Tourminator has had a career with the highs and lows of any poker player and his total career earnings now exceed four dollars. But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have followers: the number of his fans can easily compete with the popularity of a high stakes pro.

Most of the time, The Tourminator plays at the NL2 tables at Full Tilt Poker and registered to YouTube in 2006. It was only six months ago when he uploaded his first poker video (titled "FULLTILT poker: me versus super donkey"). Unforeseen to him was the huge success that emerged and shot him to superstar status.

Watch his most viewed video titled "A,A almost cracked by suck out donkey":

The Tourminator now publishes his videos at an industrial scale and recruits more followers on a daily basis. Hundreds of thousands have watched his videos and he also has his own topic at the 2+2 forum. The expression ’BULLDOZER’ used in his videos is already a part of the word line-up of most of the active poker players.

According to statistics by PTR, the American player appeared in the world of online poker in March 2009 and has played 7,817 hands with a total profit of four dollars. Show me the money monkey face!! Smile