Wai Kin Yong takes down £100k Triton NLH Main Event

The son of Triton co-founder, Richard Yong, took home £2,591,695 after a deal in heads-up.

As we reported yesterday, 130 players entered the £100,000 Main Event of the Triton Series in London, 17 of which walked away with a prize. The son of co-founder, Richard Yong, Wai Kin was going head-to-head on the final table, with the other co-founder of the series', Paul Phua, and they eventually played the heads-up against each other.

The two decided to make a deal, which saw Wai Kin receiving a £2,591,695 prize, while Phua £2,558,305.

The final table saw Wai Leong Chan busting first, booking a £371,584 score. He was followed by Dan 'Jungleman12' Cates, who increased his bankroll by £410,000.

Stephen Chidwick busted in 7th place, good for £544,000 this time, while Michael Chi Zhang got 6th for £711,000. Fellow high-roller crusher, Sam Greenwood exited in fifth place, which earned him £902,000.

The next player to hit the rail was Michael Soyza, who was the first player to book a £1 million+ profit, with his £1,120,000 prize.

UK's Ben Heath was looking pretty good, when he got his stack into the middle with pocket kings, against the ace-king of Phua's, but the Q-J-T board meant, the young Brit could walk to the cage to pick up £1,350,000.

Final results

*denotes deal

1 Wai Kin Yong £2,591,695*
2 Paul Phua £2,558,305*
3 Ben Heath £1,350,000
4 Michael Soyza £1,120,000
5 Sam Greenwood £902,000
6 Michael Chi Zhang £711,000
7 Stephen Chidwick £544,000
8 Daniel Cates £410,000
9 Wai Leong Chan $371,584