Why the rakeback become so crucial in 2021 and how to maximize it?

Almost none of the recreational players know what it is, but all pros use it! Here you can find out how to benefit from rakeback.

What is Rakeback

In order to have the benefit of rakeback it is crucial to know what it is. Every real money poker room applies rake – it is a certain percentage of the money accumulated in the pot taken from there by the poker room (or a fee you pay when you register for a SNG or tournament). It is actually a fee for playing poker.

While rakeback is when the poker room offers poker player giving back a certain portion of the rake the poker room previously taken. The feature of rakeback is becoming more and more important among poker players and you can find out below why.

1. Why it is so importan

Rakeback is the “gratitude” of the poker site where you play in the form of money which is essential among poker player especially pros. As playing poker is gradually grows among players it is really important for poker sites to offer rakeback and try to have as many players (meaning as much money) as they can. Rakeback is a very good opportunity to get that. In case there is a chance to get back a certain amount of money you paid per pot while playing, it is more likely that you will play and spend more time at such poker rooms. On a long term rakeback can even double your winning! However if a pokersite does not offer rakeback it is unlikely that it will be able to preserve its player for a long.

2. How to maximize it

If you are new to poker usually you play just for fun and you may not think about things like rakeback. However, a pro poker player knows the importance of rakeback. At rakeback the amount per plays you play matters – of course besides the percentage of rakeback the poker site offers. The more hand you play the more rakeback you can get. Eventually you may double your winnings.

But there is another important thing in poker, there are affiliates that mediate between the poker room and poker players. These affiliates like RakeRace could help you to receive much better rakeback deals than you can have by your own. Here are some examples below.

3. Best rakeback deals at RakeRace

A lot of poker sites offer rakeback so it is not so easy to pick the right “cherry”. RakeRace is at your help collecting the best rakeback deals to you. Here you can find 3 opportunities for rakeback deals:

(a) Partypoker

At partypoker there is a first deposit bonus of $30 spins tickets and a cashback up to 60%. However, if you sign up via RakeRace you can earn much more than that, as RakeRace players are entitled to two exclusive extra benefits as well!

- $15,000 Rake Race with 70 places paid

- 5-15% Rake Chase for additional rakeback

(b) Unibet

Unibet offers a €200 + Unibet Open ticket + Freeroll ticket with a rakeback of VIP program up to 62%. RakeRace also offers at Unibet a €4000 exclusive race which means an extra 8-12% rakeback to you.

(c) Pokerking

While PokerKing offers you a 100% first deposit bonus up to $ 2,000. Moreover, there is an extra chase which grant an extra 8-13% rakeback.